Warrior Systems

Warrior Systems

Precision Technic Defence is focusing on Individual products or interoperable Systems and Solutions, all from distinct and market leading manufacturers. The division consists of multiple sub-divisions for the individual Operator being Air, Sea or Land centric. This includes weapons, ammunition, suppressors, sniper solutions, EO/IR sights, day optics, ballistics, bags/pouches, uniforms, helmets, eyewear, footwear, dry suits and special purpose equipment.



The concept of Kryptek is driven by passion. The principals of Kryptek have an overwhelming desire to do what no other organization has done before– provide customized and performancebased apparel that is specifically tailored to the…



No one has a tougher, more dangerous, or unforgiving job than our customers who serve in the military. We have the utmost respect for the job you do, and we do our best to give you the equipment you need to be at your best, accomplish your…


Nightforce Optics

High Quality Days Optics for Military Operations. Exceptional products, each built with painstaking craftsmanship and a fanatical attention to detail. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; we only need three. Rugged. Reliable. Repeatable…


Patriot Ordinance Factory

POF-USA is the first gas piston operated weapon system on the AR-style rifle platform to sell to the market. All of their weapon systems come standard using C.R.O.S.™ (Corrosion Resistant Operating System), which allows our weapon system…


S.W.O.R.D. International

SWORD International, Inc. specializes in unique purpose built small arms. Our 5.56 Assault carbine, 7.62 Battle carbine, and .338LM Extreme distance capable semi auto rifle are specially built semi-custom models which constitute a product portfolio that…


True Velocity

True Velocity (TV) has developed an advanced polymer cased ammunition technology and manufacturing process in multiple calibers and projectile types. Their fully automated facility opened in 2017 and produces ammunition of various…

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